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Family First~ [Jun. 3rd, 2006|06:49 pm]
Gungrave Rating


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Name: Stephanie
Nickname: Steph, Norkia, Voltage, bucue plush/quilava plush
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"

Strengths: I'm observant, full of thought, and mostly calm. I'm imaginative and I like to think I'm creative.
Weaknesses: I'm very quiet and introverted, and I'm not a very good communicator. Sometimes I give up too easily, and I tend to blame myself for a lot of things, whether or not they were really my fault. I'm also a bit naive and take things literally a lot of times. >_> I'm not much one for humor; I'm not really witty, and I tend to return blank glances towards things that tend to slay others with laughter.
Likes: Animals, especially birds, felines, and some mythical beasts. Animation. Daydreaming and dreaming in general. The satisfaction of finally completing something very long and/or difficult.
Dislikes: Extremists and elitists of any group; condescending bugs me a bit. People who are constantly cruel for the "fun" of it. Bullies. High-pitched whirring noises (dentist drills!). Stereotypes.
Hobbies: Drawing, going to zoos and places with lots of wildlife, watching cartoons and animation of all kinds, collecting anime and Disney DVDs, stuffed animals, building model kits of (mostly) mecha, simply kicking back and lying in bed listening to music or watching a movie.
Talents: I can draw(?)

Favorite Gungrave character & Why?: Brandon; not only do I adore tragic characters, but he was always so deep into thought. There was always something ticking in his mind. There was also his persistent and stubborn sense of faithfulness to those close to him that never died.
Least favorite Gungrave character & Why?: ...none, really.
Favorite Gungrave moment?: The climax of episode 14. The events leading up to it were just eerie, and after that unsettling feeling sets in, everything is finished off with a bang. I also liked the Grave vs. Bunji fight for its sheer awesome; I thought the latter half of the show was a bit lackluster, but that fight and the last two eps redeemed that half, IMO.
If you could spend time with a character, who would it be & Why?: Ah ha ha, JOLICE because he sounds so sweet and I want him to teach me how to cook.

Anything Else?: I used to be insanely depressed because I don't have any close friends, but lately I've realized that I don't need other people to make me happy. Since then I've felt a lot better on my own and removed that emotional burden.

Anything you think should be added to this application?: Hmm, perhaps some metaphorical questions and/or a thought-provoking "what if" situation? I think those can help bring out somebody's personality, making it even more fun to analyze applications.

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From: ghost27
2006-06-04 03:21 am (UTC)
I see Brandon as well. :)
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